The keys to successful digital advertising

One of the keys to successful digital advertising is understanding that the online landscape is constantly evolving. Your business needs a plan to adapt to these changes and to be easily found on the internet.

Improve your digital outlook by asking just a few things: 

  • Where is your traffic coming from? 
  • Who is looking at your website? 
  • What are they saying about your business?
  • How is your business listed?

Just a few things can improve your digital footprint.

Samantha, our local digital brain, can provide an analysis of your business' online presence which includes: social media, reputation, website layout and more. 

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Digital Targeting Options



Listening Preference

Listening Behavior

Lifestyle & Interests

Purchasing Behavior


Social Media Activation


Connect with local listeners through sweepstakes and contests distributed across our websites and mobile app, encouraging fans to participate through strategic promotions with incentivized actions.

Location Based Geo-Fencing


Combining location-based in-app mobile with digital and on-air media allows brands to extend reach to new consumers, while targeting crossover consumers with complementary messaging.

Audience Amplification


Leverage hyper-targeted, cross-platform display and video to maximize frequency and visually reinforce brand messaging to key in-market consumers, accessing premium digital inventory across the internet. 

Targeted Audio


Target consumers by leveraging iHeartRadio’s first and third party audience data across our vast network of digital radio stations with :15, :30 and/or :60 second audio ads with corresponding digital companion banners.

Email Marketing


Extend reach and  drive brand awareness among a highly targeted audience. Make an impact and reinforce brand message with this highly mobile, measurable, and customizable asset.

Local Influencers


Using our hyper targeted solutions with our team of Local Influencers you can engage highly qualified prospects at multiple touchpoints throughout the day to achieve marketing objectives.

Understand Digital Targeting


Marketing Funnel Explanation

Watch this video and understand why using multiple platforms within your marketing mix upgrades your results. 

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